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Brand Development

Products have life cycles. Brands out live products. Branding is fundamental. It’s the basics and can easily be overlooked. If branding is done correctly it can add tremendous value to a company.
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Advertising and Marketing Salt Lake City Utah

SEO Starter kit

Search Engine Optimization is key for any business that wants a presence on the web. SEO does not have to be complicated and surrounded by code. Our starter kit will optimize your business to take full advantage of hidden SEO opportunities.
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Social Media Strategy

Social Media is taking the advertising world by storm. You no longer have to blast a message out there and hope you get a reasonable ROI. Social Media marketing allows for two way communication however it isn’t as simple as you think. Our Social Media Kit will guide you as you run your own ads and build your platforms organically.
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Online marketing Salt Lake City Utah

Market Research

Who is your target market? How old are they or what are their key relationships? Do you know their fears, wants and desires? A lot of companies waste valuable resources because they do not understand who their target audience is. Don’t be like those companies. Let our Market Research kit take the guess work out of segmenting.
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Our Story

We know the mountain

It’s simple. Our team grew up with technology. We taught our parents how to use the internet. We learned code during the beginning stages of Myspace and we haven’t stopped picking up every single hack there is along the way. We took our computer skills and dove into the world of branding and marketing. We saw Facebook develop and were early adapters of Snapchat.

Our ambition took us further than other kids. We know the mountain.  This attitude shaped our vision during the beginning stages of our agency and continues to do so now.

Years of experience
Completed Projects

Our Personal Brand Promise



In the world where everything is a race to finish we often forget to enjoy the journey. Quality is a key value that separates  professionals from all the rest. We strive to add quality to everything we touch. Our brand depends on the quality we provide to our costumers. 



When we work on a project we don’t work for someone we work with someone. If you succeeded we succeed. To ensure that we both have success we will be honest throughout the campaign. Partnerships thrive when both parties are honest and are dedicated to the goal.



“Do it right, Do it light.” Building brands is a passion our team has. Why create something that will disappear when a target audience turns a page of the magazine? Ads, products and even social media post disappear but if they are all done correct the brand promise never will and that takes passion.


Peace of Mind

We know Utah. We know Salt Lake City. We were born here. We grew up here and our roots are here. We have been studying this market all of our lives.

Free First Consultation

Your needs are unique and there is no one size fits all. During our first meeting we will sit down and understand your market needs.

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Here is what our clients have to say about us

wasatch magazine marketing slc

Wasatch Magazine

“We hired Capre about a year ago to help us host our first outdoor film festival, Faultline Film Awards. It wouldn’t have been a success without them! They took care of the online submissions and online marketing, and we ended up receiving more films than we expected. Capre Marketing understands our brand and our target market. I would highly recommend them to anyone who doesn’t want to waste time or money but needs a marketing plan.” – Carolyn
The Story Engine - Kyle Grey

The Story Engine

“I made a promotion video for a book launch with Capre Marketing and I was thrilled with the result. They did some work to get at the heart of my brand and message before we did the video and took what we learned to make the message of my video powerful and engaging. I have no doubt this promo video helped my book become a bestseller!”

– Kyle

Envi Pest Control Salt Lake City Advertisement

Envi Pest Control

“They are go getters and willing to make things happen! Once they know your vision, they will keep working until you are there.”- Trevor
Schema Therapy Marketing Salt Lake City

Schema Therapy Training NYC

The International Society of Schema Therapy is a non profit organization that focuses on training therapist in schema therapy to better connect with patients and the challenges in life they face.

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We are looking forward to start a project with you!

The world is changing quickly and none of us want to be left behind. Lets take a look at your situation and move you to the next level.


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